Jim Bird Waddington

Jim Bird Waddington


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Caer Las is an organisation that is absolutely driven by its values. We moderate comments in order to protect our supporters and ourselves from comments that could be interpreted as offensive; e.g. racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist or otherwise discriminatory. There is also a high prevalence of unwanted advertising that gets posted to blogs across the Internet. It is not our intention to inadvertently support distributors or suppliers of pharmaceuticals, pornographic material or other unwanted products.



Guy Shennan Associates

Guy is an independent consultant who specialises in the conversational approach to helping known as solution focused practice. He uses it in his practice as a coach, counsellor, consultant and supervisor, and teaches people how to use it in the work that they do.


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About Jim

I was born in London in the early sixties, and lived there for the first half of my life.

I graduated from Roehampton Institute with a degree in Art and Drama in 1987, and I formed my own Theatre Company - Arts Column. We went on to tour London’s poorer schools and Theatres; it was my first experience of making a positive difference to the lives of people who experience many forms of social exclusion.


In the early 90s I came to Wales for the weekend; it snowed and there were no trains back so I stayed. I've been here ever since. It is a beautiful country and I am privileged to count myself as one of its immigrants.

I have spent the last 25 years working for Homelessness Charities in South Wales. 

Solution Focus

Since 2005, I have been a  Solution Focused practitioner, seeing it as a viable model for Support work. I did almost all of my training at BRIEF in London; culminating in the Diploma in Solution Focused Practice in 2009/10. 

Caer Las

I joined Caer Las, as the Executive Director in June 2010. We introduced Solution Focused Practice into our front line services shortly afterwards. 

I am attracted by it's simplicity and adaptability, It is such a logical and obvious way of looking at the world; at its most basic a useful way to have a conversation, at its most sophisticated a potentially life changing personal development tool.