The accommodation provided is in your own private and secure room in a shared house. You will have your own Support Worker, who will help you understand your responsibilities as a tenant and help you improve your ability to manage and maintain your own home.

What we do


We work intensely with each individual when they enter the project to identify their individual needs and also ensure they are receiving the appropriate benefits. Once the support needs have been identified, the Support Worker will work with the client on devising a suitable and manageable support plan.

Support will normally address issues 

  • Managing accommodation effectively and planning for eventual move-on
  • Budgeting and dealing with Debt
  • Life skills/ personal development

Also working with other agencies to address;

  • Offending/ repeat offending
  • Substance misuse
  • Mental/ Physical Health
  • Education, volunteering and employment

A Housing Officer is assigned to each house and works alongside the support worker to deal with issues such as; maintenance, safety checks,  furnishings, support to manage the occupation agreements and breaches.

Client Participation and Involvement

 House meetings are held on a monthly basis with the support worker, to allow residents to discuss accommodation related issues and development.

During House meetings and clients events, Support workers will collect information and views from clients on how they would like to constructively participate in scheme run activities and contribute to how their supported accommodation is facilitated and changes in the house.

Client activities are arranged on a regular basis to aid with building confidence, self-esteem and life skills.

Moving On

The Project acts as a stepping stone to a more independent move-on accommodation.

When the Support Worker feels that the client is actively addressing their goals and is engaging with support, they will be deemed suitable for ‘move-on’, ensuring clients can make the transfer to appropriate independent accommodation. Support Workers work closely with Local Authority Homeless Officers to advise of suitability to be placed on move on to more permanent accommodation.

Staff will provide initial resettlement support following move-on, and if necessary refer to other agencies for ongoing tenancy support. Although the client will be deemed as ready to live independently, they can, if necessary continue to access low level support in the community for up to six months with Caer Las to ensure they are confident in managing their own tenancy.

Referrals are accepted from external agencies and by self referral and must meet the following criteria;

  • Age 18-64
  • Low/medium level Support issues
  • Able to live in a shared mixed sex house
  • Willing to engage with the support provided on a regular basis

Shared Housing can make a very significant difference in people’s lives, and while not everyone wants to share communal facilities those who choose this option can benefit greatly.  It addresses the common feelings of loneliness and isolation common among vulnerable people and it is a positive experience of learning how to live with other people and managing a future tenancy.


We are proud to provide safe and secure housing along with individually tailored support for each client, to empower them to be able to move on to the right accommodation for them.

If you would like to help our Shared Housing Project’s work, please donate some money or just a little bit of your valuable time. You can really make a difference!

What our clients say ...

There are ‘areas’ where I personally need help with things that normally seem simple to people and are essential to get by. The support I receive helps me this way.
I would like to say Thank you, to all the staff, For all their help in helping me get back into the community and leading to a brighter future.
Everything is good about the support from Caer Las and I probably would have re-offended without it
I am treated like a person and not just some bad person.
I’m not as depressed as I have somewhere to live.
My hopes have been met, I have received the help and support that I needed and I am on the mend, there is 100% improvement in my life and I am grateful for it.

How to contact Shared Housing


Supported Shared Housing Project

Cambrian Place
The Marina
Swansea SA1 1RG


01792 646071