Current Volunteering Opportunites


Skills and experience required

  • An enjoyment and enthusiasm for working with individuals on a one to one basis, and the ability to offer support and empathy.
  • A willingness to encourage outside interests and social contacts to be developed by the persons they are supporting.
  • An ability to acknowledge personal limitations
  • Social reliability and honesty
  • A non-judgemental attitude
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • An understanding of the need for confidentiality
  • An understanding of the need for boundaries
  • An appreciation of issues faced by people experiencing social isolation and exclusion

Responsibilities – Volunteers should:

  • Be committed and motivated
  • Attend Training/ Supervision
  • Pass on relevant information to staff
  • Respect and value the diversity, views, opinions and needs of the members within the service they are supporting
  • Adhere to all relevant policies of Caer Las Cymru which will affect them.

Rights – Volunteers are given:

  • A named person who is available for advice and support
  • Information on the services offered by Caer Las Cymru
  • Access to training and chances to learn new skills
  • Expenses, and not made out of pocket
  • Information on job opportunities
  • A safe working environment.
  • Covered by Caer Las Cymru public liability insurance
  • Advised how to deal with discrimination and conflict