Our 2020 Vision is set in the context that West Wales and the East Wales Valleys regions not only have the lowest GDP in the UK, but rank among the poorest regions in Europe.

Post industrial revolution Wales, has seen the decline of all our major industries, with little or nothing to replace them. We now have a nation that experiences generational worklessness, rising poverty, epidemic substance misuse, poor health and rising homelessness and mental ill health.

In the years to 2020, we know that we are going to encounter:

  • Deepening recession

  • Negative impacts of UK Government Welfare Reforms

  • Reductions in public spending

  • Increases in poverty and homelessness across UK and Europe

  • Likely restructuring of Welsh Local Government

  • Continuing lack of understanding or public sympathy for our client group

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Having been in hospital for quite a few years, I wasn’t ready to live totally independently in the community but I was well enough to leave hospital. The Willow project is a brilliant place as it is like a go-between. The staff here are available whenever I need support or encouragement 24 hrs a day. The staff also great. They don’t fudge, are open minded and are always approachable. I feel very lucky to be able to live as independently as I can but also have support available whenever I need it.
— Willow Project Service User